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Dan Welcher: Haleakala / Prairie Light / Clarinet Concerto
(Naxos: #8.559287)
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American Classics Series; Honolulu Symphony Orchestra; Richard Chamberlain, Bill Jackson

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Beyond Sight
(for a tone poem after Plato for orchestra; 1999)
(for five pieces for string orchestra; 1991)
Bright Wings: A Valediction
(for large orchestra; 1996)
Castle Creek Fanfare/Overture
(for large orchestra; 1989)
Concerto de Camera
(for bassoon and small orchestra; 1975)
Concerto for Clarinet
(for clarinet and orchestra; 1989)

Email: dwelcher1@me.com

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Dan Welcher
Butler School of Music
2406 Robert Dedman Drive, Stop E 3100
Austin, Texas 78712